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For Business

For Business


We offer a suite of data products and services as well as convenient licensing options and terms for business customers. Our customers represent a diverse range of industries including real estate, finance, insurance, legal, natural resources, transportation and utilities.

What we offer Business customers:
How do Business customers use BC Assessment data? BC Assessment property
information data provides Business customers several benefits including:
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Tools for Market Intelligence
  • Enhancing Database Accuracy
  • Data Analytics

Looking for detailed data about a single property?

Using BC OnLine

Subscribe to BC OnLine for premium access to three BC Assessment data reports available for any given property. Note: The cost varies by report. 
  • Level 1 - Owner / Location Report
    • Search for property ownership or location information
  • Level 2 - Assessment Roll Report
    • Obtain detailed property assessment roll information including recent sales
  • Level 3 - Residential Inventory Report
    • Obtain residential property inventory details

Assessment Search

Assessment Search allows you to search for property information such as assessed
values, inventory, legal description and recent sales by property address, roll number, plan or PID.

Looking for detailed data about multiple properties?

Data Extracts

Download data for your jurisdiction or for multiple jurisdictions with our suite of
electronic data delivery options. Contact us to discuss whether a Custom Data
Extract is the best option for you.

Monthly Sales Report

A monthly subscription delivers sales data for one or more assessment areas
directly to your inbox.