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Property Information & Trends

Property Information & Trends

Property assessment information is announced on an annual basis. Please note that this information was released on January 2, 2020 and is based on market values as of July 1, 2019. 

View 2020 BC Assessment News Releases. 

British Columbia - Highlights

Number of properties on the 2020 assessment roll2,091,135 
From 2019+1.06%
Total value of real estate on the 2020 assessment roll$1.94 trillion 
From 2019-2.5%
Total value of new construction, subdivisions and rezoning$27.1 billion 
Percentage of accepted assessments (appeals not filed)98.4% 

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New Construction

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Learn more about assessments: 

Learn about the principles of property assessment through this animation about Mill Town, a fictional town in B.C.

Property assessments are about determining HOW property taxes are distributed. BC Assessment provides local governments and other taxing authorities with accurate and independent assessment information. Local governments and other taxing authorities use that information to determine funding for important services used every day in communities all over British Columbia. Learn more about the relationship between property assessments & property taxes by viewing this short video.

If you are a property owner in B.C., this quick video explains how to learn more about your assessment, compare properties and ask questions.

​View our December 2019 Media Release: 2020 Property Assessments will Reflect BC's Moderating Real Estate Markets.

To learn more about the annual assessment process, visit Understanding the Assessment Process

For additional questions or requests for information, please Contact Us. 

 Market Trends

  • Early notification letters are mailed to property owners with significant increases.
  • Check out our interactive maps to access local market trends for various communities, average market movement for different property classes, and the top 500 valued residential properties