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How to request property information

How to request property information


2. Our analysts will contact you
by email or by phone to clarify
your project objectives and


3. Once our analysts have
determined your report
requirements they will provide
you with an estimate for the data.


4. Our analysts will draw up a licensing
agreement for your custom data
extract for your signature. Our
analysts can walk you through the
licensing agreement and answer any
questions you may have.


5. When the Custom Data Extract
is ready, it may be sent by
email or posted to our secure
File Retrieval System where
you may retrieve your reports
and documents. Our analysts
will guide you through the
registration process and provide
user instructions to get you

Frequently Asked Questions 

The amount of time required for a custom data extract will be determined by the complexity of the request and how long it will take our production team to run your custom data extract.

Once we have received your request, one of our analysts will contact you to verify that we have understood your request as well as your data requirements. Refining the data requirements can take a few days up to a couple of weeks to ensure we are providing you with all the information that you require based on your budget. Again, depending on the nature of the report it can take the production team a couple of days to produce the report depending on how many requests are already in the queue. Once the report is complete, our analysts will email the final product or arrange for delivery through our secure File Retrieval System.

If you are looking for a simple aggregate data report, we can usually provide the report within seven business days, if you are looking to produce a large custom report with specific requirements it could take a month or longer to complete the process.

Please note that our business is cyclical, we have seasons where we experience higher than normal inquiries and we will do our best to ensure your data needs are met in a timely manner.
The cost of BCA data is determined by a number of factors:
  • Aggregate Data vs Line Detail
  • Number & Type of Properties Requested
  • Number & Type of Data Elements Requested
  • Intended Use of the Data
  • Frequency of Delivery
  • Length of Subscription
Monthly Sales Report
Our Monthly Sales Report is a one year subscription that provides you with the previous 3 months sales for all property types across the province.

​The cost is $6000 + GST
View prices per region here.

Assessment Search Subscription
Commercial users can purchase subscription plans for additional Assessment Searches per month:

​Plan 1
​$1,000 monthly for up to 500 searches per month

BC Assessment Single Property Searches via BC OnLine
​Owner/Location Query
​Assessment Roll Query
​Assessment/Inventory Query

Custom Report Pricing Examples

There are two types of Custom Reports, with separate pricing for each:

Property Level
Data elements of individual properties
​Price based on the scale of folios requested, and price-per-folio*
Average values per a given data element
​Price based on effort to compose the report. start at $600 + applicable taxes.

*Price-per-folio is determined utilizing the following criteria:

​1. Property Type
  • Residential
  • Commercial
2. ​Number of Folios/Properties
​Price-per-folio varies by folio-bracket
3. ​Type of Use
  • Internally (ex. research)
  • Externally (ex. publications or products)
4. ​Update Frequency
  • No Updates
  • All Updates
​5. Types of Data Elements
  • Roll Values Only
  • Roll Values + Sales
  • Roll Values + Key Property
  • All Data
​6. Length of Term
  • Single delivery
  • 1-5 year terms

To explore Property Level pricing, using this criteria, refer to our Data Fees schedule (pg. 3–8).

A complete Property Information Fee Schedule is available.

To discuss pricing on customized reports, contact BC Assessment’s Data Services Department:


Phone: 1-866-valueBC or 1-866-825-8322 (local 00119)