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BC extreme weather events - property assessment impacts

BC extreme weather events - property assessment impacts

​​​​​​​​BC extreme weather events - property assessment impacts​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We appreciate the difficulties British Columbians may face as a result of recent extreme weather events (e.g. flooding, landslides, and wildfires), and you may have questions or concerns about the impact on your property assessment.

If your property has been recently impacted, please complete our fillable PDF damage declarations below, and return it along with photos using our Online Contact Us Form, or contact your local Assessment Office directly.  

Note: Save a copy of the damage declaration PDF to your computer or network drive before filling it out and sending 

Why is BC Assessment interested in the condition of the property on October 31, 2024?​

Your upcoming 2025 Property Assessment reflects the condition of the buildings as of October 31, 2024, in accordance with Sections 18(2) and (3) of the Assessment Act. As such, if your property was damaged this year, and not repaired by October 31, the reported condition as of October 31 will be considered when determining your upcoming property assessment. 

How can you help us identify if your buildings and/or structures were damaged or destroyed?

BC Assessment uses mapping and emergency service notifications to identify areas and properties potentially affected by weather events; however, property owner self-reporting is critical to ensuring property assessments are fair and accurate.

What if the damage to my property occurred between November 1 and December 31, 2024?

Your upcoming 2025 Property Assessment will reflect the condition of the property as of October 31, 2024, however, Section 10(3)(c)(1) of the Assessment Act provides a framework for amending assessments in certain situations when the buildings are substantially damaged or destroyed late in the year.

If buildings and/or structures on your property were substantially damaged or destroyed by weather events between November 1 and December 31, and were not repaired by December 31, please complete our damage declaration and return it along with photos using our Online Contact Us Form

What constitutes substantial damage?

Buildings and/or structures are considered substantially damaged if remediation costs are at least 25% of assessed improvement value, or the damage renders the improvements uninhabitable or unusable for their intended purpose. Improvements simply mean buildings on your land (e.g. your home, outbuildings).


If you have additional questions, please contact your local Assessment Office or use our Online Contact Us Form

Government resources

Visit EmergencyInfoBC during partial and full-scale provincial emergencies for official responses, recovery resources, and verified event information.​​