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Request a property value summary report

Request a property value summary report


Property Value Summary (PVS) reports provide a summary of property assessment information. This is separate from an assessment notice and is an additional service provided by BC Assessment for commercial properties.


This service is free of charge for the property owner or their authorized agent.

For tenants, non-owners, or for unauthenticated agents, PVS reports are available for a fee. See the F​ee Schedule for details. 


This service is available for Industrial, Commercial & Investment (IC&I) properties with a primary actual use code of 050, 052-056, or 200-499. PVS reports are not available for legislated properties or properties where there is an override value.

Depending on when the request is received, the corresponding report will contain data that matches either the:

  • Preview Assessment Information (estimates of assessed value produced in November),
  • Completed Assessment Information  (January through March), or
  • Revised Assessment Information (April through December

Methods of Receiving PVS Reports

Single PVS Report Request

Please complete t​he Authorization for Property Value Summary form and email it to for PVS requests of up to 10 properties.

Batch PVS Report Request

For larger volume requests, property owners and their authenticated tax agents may request PVS reports in batches of ten or more properties. Select this option to see more detail on submitting the request.

Batch PVS Report Retrieval

Select this option to retrieve the PVS reports created through the “Batch PVS Report Request” process above once you receive confirmation that your reports are ready. You will be provided with a username and PIN when your first request has been processed.


Commercial property owners with questions regarding PVS reports or the methods to receive them should contact BC Assessment via telephone at 1-866 valueBC (1-866-825-8322) or email us at