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Batch property value summary request

Batch property value summary request

​​​​​​​For larger volume requests, property owners and their authenticated tax agents may request property value summary (PVS) reports in batches of 10 or more properties.

Request batch PVS reports by submitting an MS-Excel spreadsheet listing the area, jurisdiction and roll number for the properties for which a PVS report is required. See the sample file format and additional instructions below. 

The first time you submit a request you will be sent a username, PIN, and instructions for retrieving the PVS reports from our website. There is no limit to the number of requests; however, each request must be for at least 10 properties and we would appreciate grouping your requests in the interest of saving time and resources.

In addition, if you represent the owner, please review the ‘Agent Representation’ section on this page.


This service is available for Industrial, Commercial & Investment (IC&I) properties with a primary actual use code of 050, 052-056, or 200-499. PVS reports are not available for legislated properties or properties where there is an override value.  The audit report will detail if a requested property does not meet these criteria.

Depending on when the request is received, the corresponding report will contain data which matches either the:

  • Preview Assessment Information (estimates of assessed value produced in November),
  • Completed Assessment Information  (January through March), or
  • Revised Assessment Information (April through December)

Tenants, non-owners, or unauthenticated agent PVS report requests

If you are acting on behalf of the tenant(s) of a property, the PVS report is still available for a fee. If this is the case, please send us a separate spreadsheet listing the properties, clearly stating the request is on behalf of the tenant(s). In this instance a fee of $100 (+tax) will be charged per PVS report. Please note that for non-stratified, multi-tenanted buildings, the PVS report will provide the land and improvement values for the entire building or complex.

Excel spreadsheet formatting

To submit a batch PVS report request, please submit a listing of properties (minimum of 10 per request) in an Excel spreadsheet listing the area, jurisdiction and roll number of the requested properties.

Please ensure that the cells in the listings are formatted as text to retain the proceeding zeros and reduce the number of errors.

When submitting your request, you must use the following format as detailed below:

Column A = Area, Column B = Jurisdiction, Column C = Roll Number




  • All fields must be formatted as text with no special characters.
  • Spreadsheet must be submitted as a .xls file (97 - 2003 Microsoft file)
  • No headers or formatting should be included in spreadsheet.
  • The assessment notice lists the area, jurisdiction and roll number in the top right for easy reference. The school district number is not required when requesting a PVS report.


Property owners and tax agents may contact the local assessment office for manual production of PVS reports if:

  • you are requesting individual PVS reports for pre-roll consultation: or
  • a property requested on your spreadsheet did not generate a PVS report (see associated audit file).

To submit a batch PVS report request or if you have any questions related to this process, please contact us at