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BC Assessment Launches New Accessibility Feedback Tool

BC Assessment Launches New Accessibility Feedback Tool

​​BC Assessment has launched an Accessibility Survey and invites public input to address accessibility barriers and to help formulate BC Assessment's accessibility plan. The goal is to ensure BC Assessment is more accessible for everyone.

One of BC Assessment's core values is that we are here for each other. We build relationships based on genuine support and care. We respect each other as individuals with different identities, experiences and views.

This value is built on the concepts of kindness, support, care and respect, which includes learning more about accessibility experiences when interacting with BC Assessment.

Accessibility Barriers

A barrier is an obstacle or anything that prevents a person with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of society because of their disability. Barriers can be systemic, physical, attitudinal, technological, sensory, or related to information and communication. Barriers can impact someone's ability to view information on our website, to physically access our offices, engage with our customer service team, apply for our jobs online, and in other ways.

Accessibility Survey

BC Assessment would like to learn more about experiences with our organization as it relates to any barrier people may encounter when interacting with us. The survey is anonymous and does not collect any personal information. Take the survey now.​