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Detailed Valuation Report (DVR)

Detailed Valuation Report (DVR)


The Detailed Valuation Report (DVR) provides a detailed summary of property assessment information for industrial, commercial, and investment (IC&I) properties. The DVR provides additional information to that found on the Property Value Summary (PVS) report.


This service is free of charge for the property owner or their authorized agent.

For tenants, non-owners, or for unauthenticated agents, PVS reports are available for a fee. See the Fee Schedule for details. 


This report is available for Industrial, Commercial & Investment (IC&I) properties. DVR is not available for legislated properties.

Depending on when the request is received, the corresponding report will contain data that matches either the:

  • Completed Assessment Information  (January through March), or
  • Revised Assessment Information (April through December) 

Example DVR

Here are two example DVRs, one for an income-producing property, and a second for a property valued using the cost approach.

DVR – Income Approach
DVR – Cost Approach​

Methods of Receiving the DVR

Commercial property owners with questions regarding the DVR or the methods to receive them should contact BC Assessment via telephone at 1-866 valueBC (1-866-825-8322) or email us at​