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Collaborating with local government and strategic partners

Collaborating with local government and strategic partners

​​​​​​​​Administering local governments in British Columbia is a complex and vitally important task. Strong leadership is required to ensure inclusive, safe and economically prosperous communities. 

​BC Assessment collaborates with a number of independent provincial organizations to fulfill our common mandate of providing important services and support to local governments. Excellence in Local Government: Organizations Supporting Vibrant Communities in British Columbia is the product of said collaboration. The reference package is meant to introduce and increase awareness of the activities and services performed by the following participating organizations in support of local governments:

  • Union of British Columbia Municipalities UBCM
  • Local Government Management Association of British Columbia LGMA
  • Government Finance Officers Association of British Columbia GFOABC
  • CivicInfo BC
  • Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia MFABC
  • Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia MIABC
  • Integrated Cadastral Information Society ICI Society
  • Local Government Leadership Academy LGLA