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Providing BC Assessment Information Affecting Property Assessments

BC Assessment requests our taxing authority partners provide the following information to ensure assessment & tax rolls are accurate, fair, equitable, & stable:

  • Building permits
  • Building plans
  • Land use control amendments (i.e. official community plans & zoning changes)
  • Development applications & approvals
  • Preliminary & final subdivision approvals
  • Permissive & revitalization tax exemption (deadlines below)
  • Occupiers/lessees of civic properties
  • Extensions of service infrastructure
  • Mailing address changes
  • Situs (civic address) assignments

Refer to our Taxing Authority Information Sharing Guide for an explanation on why the information is important & instructions outlining how your staff can provide it electronically. Included, are details on BC Assessment's implementation of Citrix ShareFile, a cloud-based, encrypted, FOIPPA compliant file sharing application.

Exemption Deadlines:

The Community Charter & Local Government Act provide authority for Local Governments to provide tax relief to eligible properties through permissive & revitalization exemptions. The exemptions do not apply to taxation in a calendar year unless they come into force on or before October 31st in the preceding year.

For exemptions to be applied on the upcoming Completed Roll, copies of enacting exemption bylaws should be forwarded to BC Assessment on or before November 1st. Timely provision of bylaws to our offices ensures we have adequate time to review the tax status for each property noted. Please include the following information for each exemption granted, ensuring all information provided reflects current year parcel changes (i.e. subdivisions, consolidations, etc.):

  • PID (for each parcel the bylaw applies to)
  • Folio number (including all zeros where possible)
  • Name of the exempt entity
  • Legal description & street address
  • The portion of the property the exemption applies to (if not the entire property)
BC Assessment sincerely appreciates our taxing authority partners' assistance in ensuring the assessment roll is developed based upon current and accurate information.