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BC Assessment Updating Property Photos in the City of Victoria

BC Assessment Updating Property Photos in the City of Victoria

VICTORIA – BC Assessment will be conducting street front property photos of residential properties throughout the City of Victoria. BC Assessment’s photo update initiative for property assessment purposes is scheduled to begin during the week of October 7th, 2019 and continue into the fall with a target completion in late December.

BC Assessment continually updates property data to ensure timely, accurate, equitable and fair assessments for all property owners.

BC Assessment employees will be driving through Victoria neighbourhoods and will photograph only the public street front of a home, including the civic (street) address number.

BC Assessment will not retain any personal information related to:

  • Any images of people on the property

  • Visible signage on a residence (excluding street address), including business signs, signs with names of the people living at the property, and any other type of signage that may relate to the identity of a person. This also includes vehicle license plates

  • The interior of a residence (i.e.: images that show the inside of a home through a window or open doorway, or the interior of an enclosed vehicle shelter such as a garage)

For any questions or concerns, property owners can contact:

Geoff Radtke, BC Assessment, Manager, Quality Standards and Practices

Tel. 1-866-825-8322 (ext. 26271) or