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More value with e-valueBC upgrades

More value with e-valueBC upgrades

VICTORIA – Your experience with e-valueBC is about to get an upgrade, thanks to significant changes recently made to the system.

"Continuous improvement and providing the best customer service are core values at BC Assessment," says Dharmesh Sisodraker, Manager of Customer Relations. "Our newest upgrades to e-valueBC marry these two values perfectly."

The changes adjust how the system searches for properties, including the addition of predictive search and allowing abbreviations.

"These changes are of particular use to our customers who live in more rural areas," says Sisodraker. "This makes it much easier to search for the correct property quicker than before."

A new feature to e-valueBC will allow users to see up to three sales of the same house type on the same street. These sales will be followed by sales of other similar properties in the neighbourhood being displayed in order from the newest to oldest.

Other changes include the ability to search for an area or street and searching for property using a Jurisdiction, Roll Number, Plan Number or Parcel Identifier.

"It's important for us to provide as many ways as possible to search for a property," says Sisodraker. "Most importantly, we're providing a system that is even more user-friendly to people looking for property assessment information in the province."

Additionally, recent sales are also being added now allowing customers to see what has happened in the market this year. While current sales information has been uploaded for the November 5th release, 2017 assessment information is currently being finalized and will be uploaded to e-valueBC for January 1, 2017.

The upgrades and new features to e-valueBC launch on Saturday, November 5. To receive more information or provide feedback regarding the system, please contact BC Assessment's Property Information Team.

BC Assessment values over 1.99 million properties in nine separate property classes.

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