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BC Assessment Ensuring Fairness & Accuracy for Property Owners

BC Assessment Ensuring Fairness & Accuracy for Property Owners

VICTORIA – BC Assessment is ensuring optimum property assessment accuracy for British Columbia's nearly two million properties with a combined value of over $1.3 trillion.

"As one of North America's leading property assessment providers, we are always striving to ensure fairness and equity with our assessments," says John Green, Director of Property Data Accuracy. "We use a number of innovative methods to ensure our data is up-to-date and correct. This includes street front photography, aerial imagery, online validation and requests for information through the mail."

Recently, BC Assessment mailed 25,000 requests for information to property owners in British Columbia, 15,000 of which are located on Vancouver Island.

"Securing reliable information on all properties throughout the province is essential to providing our customers with high quality assessment services," says Green. "For B.C. property owners, real estate is a major asset. Knowing that your property's assessed value is an accurate reflection of market value is key in making fully informed property related decisions."

BC Assessment is authorized to request information from a property owner or occupier under Sections 15 & 16 of the Assessment Act, 'by notice served personally or sent by mail'. All BC Assessment property owner data is collected, recorded and maintained in compliance with the provincial government's Freedom of Information of Personal Privacy (FOIPPA).

Learn more about all of the information and factors BC Assessment's experts consider to create fair, accurate and uniform property assessments for property owners in B.C. through our How BC Assessment Assesses Properties video.

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