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Classifying supportive housing property

Classifying supportive housing property

​​​Class 3 – supportive housing property

The supportive housing property class was created in 2008. Eligible supportive housing property is subject to special valuation rules which are set out in the Supportive Housing Property Valuation Regulation (BC Reg. ​​208/2008)​​​​.

What is “eligible supportive housing property”?

“Eligible supportive housing property” is defined in section 19(1) of the Assessment Act to mean property that is used by or on behalf of a person who received funding from the provincial government or a regional health board for the provision of supportive housing. The funding must be received in the calendar year preceding the year for which the assessment roll is prepared (i.e., in 2012 for the 2013 assessment roll).

What is supportive housing property?

Housing that integrates long-term housing units for persons who were previously homeless or persons who are at risk of homelessness, who may also:

• have mental illness,
• have or be recovering from drug or alcohol addictions,
• or experience other barriers to housing,

with on-site support services that are available to residents of the housing project.

What are on-site support services?

On-site support services are physically offered in the building's offices or common areas, and include but are not limited to:
• health and mental health services;
• health and community support referrals;
• addiction services;
• employment and education services;
• job and life skills training;
• assistance with meal preparation and housekeeping; or,
• counselling and outreach services.

What is long-term housing?

Long-term housing is housing which does not restrict the residents’ stay to less than 90 days.

Who will determine whether a property meets the criteria for designation?

The provincial government, through the Ministry of Finance will identify properties which meet the criteria and will continue to work with BC Assessment to determine which properties are eligible for designation each year.

What is the benefit of being designated?

Properties which are designated as Class 3 – supportive housing are subject to special valuation rules that reduce the assessed value of the Class 3 portion of the property to a nominal amount.

Will the entire property qualify for these special valuation rules?

The following property qualifies to be valued under the special valuation rules:
• the area of the property actually comprised of the housing units;
• the area of the property used for purposes ancillary to the housing units (e.g., shared or private bathroom or kitchen facilities, hallways, etc.); and,
• the area of the property used for the provision of on-site support services.

How do I know if my property has been designated?

Each year, the provincial Cabinet will designate eligible supportive housing properties by October 31.

More questions?

Learn more about the​​​ Government's policy on supportive housing​


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