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Service Boundary Web Map

Service Boundary Web Map

The Service Boundary Web Map (SBWM) is a tool designed for Regional Districts to enable a review of their service boundaries against BC Assessment’s minor taxing coding; all within a web-hosted, map-based application. A service boundary can be uploaded to see if there are properties either within the boundary, but not coded for the service, or conversely coded for the service outside of the boundary.

This tool also provides the Regional District with the ability to review a proposed boundary in the map and acquire a total property count plus a summary of net general value (that part of the property value which is taxable). This should provide the regional district with the ability to project how much revenue a proposed service will make.

Please follow the links below for documentation and the SBWM Application.

Disclaimer - The data in this application is obtained from various sources and is determined as of specific dates set out in the Assessment Act. As a result, BC Assessment does not warrant or guarantee that it is current or accurate. The data is provided for your convenience only. Use of this information without verification from original sources is at your own risk.