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​BC Assessment interactive maps

​BC Assessment interactive maps

​​​​Market movement map

The data on this map is updated on the first business day of each year. It includes information on the average percent change by assessment area, jurisdiction, and neighbourhood (if available).

Individual properties are not shown on this map, please use our Assessment Search feature to view individual properties.

Note: The neighbourhood boundaries in this map are BCA defined boundaries and may differ from other sources like MLS or local municipalities.

Note: N/A signifies either no properties of that type in the neighbourhood, or not enough properties to calculate an average change. 

Property Class Descriptions
  • Residential class primarily includes single and multi-family dwellings, residential strata properties (e.g., condominiums), rental apartment buildings and vacant residential land.
  • Business & Other class largely includes retail properties, office buildings, and most warehouses.
  • Light Industry class includes property used or held for extracting, manufacturing or transporting products including ancillary storage.
Note: Average changes may reflect valuation shifts to or from property classes not represented on this map. These figures do not include the value of subdivisions, rezoning, or new construction.

Market trends map

The data on this map is updated quarterly. It includes information on the quarterly change in market value of single family residential and strata residential properties for various jurisdictions throughout the province. On the graph, you will see the "Change in Value" percentages compare all quarters to July 1, 2022.

Note: Market trends information is presented for those jurisdictions with a sufficient number of sales over the reporting period. The data on this map is updated quarterly.

Top 500 valued residential properties map

The data on this map is updated on the first business day of each year. Click on an item to see details such as address, total taxable value of the property, property type, and a photo (if available).

July 1st marks the date BC Assessment estimates the annual market value of properties in B.C. For this Top 500 Valued Residential Properties map, the assessment information is based on the July 1, 2023 valuation date.