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We are one team

We are one team

​​​​​​We are one team banner​​​​​​​
We all play a valuable role in the success of our organization. We explore ways to reach across our teams and divisions to support each other and meet the needs of our customers, partners, and communities.​​

This value is built on the concepts of ideas of connection, teamwork and community.

​Key ideas:​​

  • Recognizing and valuing each person’s work as essential to a shared outcome

  • Having an impact, being part of something larger

  • We can achieve more together when there is alignment across all areas of the organization

  • ​​Staying connected to each other and our purpose no matter where we work

​When lived, this value helps us:

  • ​​​Amplify existing team level strengths at all levels of the organization

  • ​Create visibility into and appreciation for each other’s work and its impact

  • ​Foster opportunities to share wins and lessons learned to help each other learn and grow

  • ​Help employees feel pride and confidence in the meaningful work they’re doing​​