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​​​Work-life balance

At BCA, balance is one of our core values and as such, work-life balance is really possible!  We achieve business success through engaged employees who work where, when and how they are most productive and also offer generous vacation and paid time away from work, including:

  • 35-hour work weeks – standard hours are 8:30AM – 4:30PM
  • Flexible Work Schedules – depending on the customer, business and operational requirements of the role,  flexible hours, split shifts, flex days, and the ability work from home may be available
  • Vacation – 3 weeks for members of the bargaining unit and 4 weeks for Managers/Executive; earn increasing allotments based on tenure
  • Statutory holidays – 13 per year
  • Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave—pays an allowance when employees are caring for a new born or adopting a child
  • Sick leave – covers employee pay when they're ill or injured and unable to work
  • Special leaves—allows our employees to take time away from work for personal matters
  • Long Term Disability—pays a portion of employees' salary when they've been ill or injured for an extended period of time

Health & wellness

Health and wellness benefits at BC Assessment include:

  • Extended Health & Dental - pays a significant portion of employee's and their family's healthcare costs not covered by MSP and dental care costs
  • Employee & Family Assistance - free and confidential lifestyle coaching, relationship counselling, and health and financial wellness services for employees and their families
  • WorkSafeBC - provides replacement income and covers health care costs when employees have an accident or injury at work

Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits for permanent employees at BC Assessment include:

  • Public Service Pension – employee and employer contribute which allows for income for when employees retire.  Learn more about the Pension Plan.
  • Retirement Allowance - a special retirement allowance based on an employee's years of service
  • Life Insurance - personal life insurance equal to two times an employee's annual salary and optional life insurance for spouses

Career development

BC Assessment is committed to developing a high-performing workforce in a culture that encourages learning, teamwork and knowledge sharing.  We offer:

  • Ongoing learning opportunities and resources to support career development for our Appraisers
  • In-house learning centre with an annual course calendar
  • Leadership development program and resources for aspiring and existing leaders
  • A robust performance development process featuring bi-monthly check-in conversations with your direct supervisor
  • Career development scholarship program eligibility after 1 year of permanent service