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Non-Market Change

Non-Market Change

​​​​​​Non-Market Change (NMC) values are reported yearly at mid-November and following the Completed and Revised Rolls. BC Assessment has a commitment to Local Government to have 85% of NMC completed by mid-November and 100% of NMC completed by Completed Roll. 

Self-serve reports (SSR) provides Local Governments access to NMC reporting. Available reports include Non-Market Change Roll Comparison Summary, Non-Market Change Roll Comparison Detail, Non-Market Change Roll Comparison Detail Extract, Non-Market Change Cumulative Summary, Non-Market Change Cumulative Detail, Non-Market Change Cumulative Detail Extract, Non-Market Change Static Summary, Non-Market Change Static Detail, and Non-Market Change Static Detail Extract. NMC report availability varies through the roll production process. 

In auditing NMC, our reported figures correlate to building permits issues by Local Governments and consider permits issued over the past year. The assessment roll reflects the physical condition and permitted use of properties as of October 31st of the preceding year. Consequently, many permits issued in the latter part of 2021 will be reflected on the 2023 Roll. Likewise, permits issued in the latter part of 2022 may not be reflected until the 2024 Roll. 

Before customers can access SSR, they must have completed the following: 

  • Obtained a Business BCeID account
  • Submitted the access request to BC Assessment
  • Email:
  • ​Received confirmation that their Self-serve reports access has been activated