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Pre-Roll Consultation

Pre-Roll Consultation

What is Pre-Roll Consultation?

Pre-roll consultation is an opportunity for property owners or their agents to receive draft assessed value information prior to the release of the Assessment Roll in January.  Pre-roll consultation can lead to more certainty for next year’s property assessment and help owner’s budget for the upcoming tax year.

The pre-roll consultation process is relatively simple:

  1. In the fall, (typically September) the owner or agent for the owner requests BC Assessment provide draft assessed values for properties they own or represent.
  2. A draft property valuation will be sent to the owner/agent in the first two weeks of November or earlier.
  3. With the draft valuation in hand, pre-roll consultation allows both BC Assessment and owners/agents to exchange relevant market and property information for the upcoming completed assessment roll. Information, such as, but not limited to rents (rent rolls or leases), expenses (income and expense statements), vacancy (rent rolls), and sales information is often exchanged.

This process allows the property owner/agent to have input and provide feedback in the upcoming assessed values. The intent of the pre-roll discussion is to lead to a higher acceptance and understanding of the upcoming assessed values. Although the draft assessments that result from pre-roll discussions and the completed January property assessment can sometimes be different, the pre-roll discussion process can help to minimize variances and lead to increased property tax certainty.  If you have any questions about the pre-roll consultation process, please email

Pre-Roll PVS Requests

In order to facilitate pre-roll consultations, BC Assessment provides Property Value Summaries (PVS) to owners and their representatives prior to the completion of the 2018 roll. This year's process is the same as last year.

The process for the 2018 Assessment Roll is as follows:

  • Send your list of folios that you would like to receive PVS reports for, by September 22, 2017 to Late requests may be able to be accommodated up to October 2, 2017.
  • The format of your list must be in the prescribed format in an Excel spreadsheet with Area, Jurisdiction, and Roll Number in separate columns. For complete details, visit our website here.
  • The subject line of your request MUST read: COMPANY NAME 2018 Roll PVS Request.
  • Ensure that you provide BC Assessment with a single, large request as opposed to several smaller requests that must then be grouped together.
  • You must also submit a declaration that you represent the property owner of all properties submitted in your request. For an example of a declaration, visit our website here. BC Assessment will review the requests to ensure compliance.
  • Your PVS reports will be available on or before October 13, 2017 reflecting values as of the week of October 9, 2017 for the following property types only:
    • Most Coordinated properties (Casinos, Seniors Living, Major Retail, Specialized Vancouver Office Buildings)
  • The remainder of the properties on your list, as well as any requests received after October 2, 2017, will have PVS reports available at Preview Roll in early November, and again for Completed Roll in December 2017.
  • If you have any questions about the PVS reports you have received, please call 1-866-valueBC (825-8322) and the appropriate extension to contact the BC Assessment appraiser responsible for the property type below.

​Auto Dealerships

​Coordinator​Bryan Murao​14255
​Region​BCA Representative​ext.
​Vancouver Island​Sean Reilly​04238
​Greater Vancouver​Clayton Olson​10262
​Fraser Valley​Umesh Chand​15265
​Thompson Okanagan​Jenelle Konrad​19230
​Kootenay Columbia​Sean McGinnis​21227
​Northern BC​Fran Berry​26247


​​Coordinator​​Edward Shum​​01276
​RegionBCA Representative​ext.
​Vancouver Island ​​Kent Boag​​01242
​Greater Vancouver​David Deng​09573
​Fraser Valley​Darren Jerke​​14324
​Thompson Okanagan​Boris Warkentin​​19254
​Kootenay Columbia​Dave Robertson​​22240
​Northern BC​Fran Berry​​26247

​Contaminated Sites

​Coordinator​Ramaish Shah​21234
​Region​​BCA Representative​​​ext.
​Vancouver Island​Sean Reilly​04238
​Greater Vancouver​Frank Fa​09527
​Fraser Valley​Brent Sear​14236
​Thompson Okanagan​Jenelle Konrad​19230
​Kootenay Columbia​Sean McGinnis​21227
​Northern BC​Fran Berry​26247


​Coordinator​Edward Shum​10276
​RegionBCA Representative​ext.
​Vancouver Island​Mats Pearson​01249
​Greater Vancouver​David Deng​09573
​Fraser Valley​Gina Li​14364
​Thompson Okanagan​Boris Warkentin​19254
​Kootenay Columbia​David Robertson​22240
​Northern BC​Fran Berry​26247

​ICI Land

​Coordinator​Rick Sidhu​09546


BCA Representative


Vancouver Island

Peter Bakker


Greater Vancouver Area 09

Vicky Yip


Greater Vancouver Area 08 & 10

Richard Kwan


Fraser Valley Area 11 & 14

Brent Sear
Darren Jerke


Fraser Valley Area 15

Rupi Rai
Rav Punia


Thompson Okanagan

Carl Walton


Kootenay Columbia

Sean McGinnis


Northern BC

Kerry Gobbi


​Industrial (Lower Mainland)

​Coordinator​Christina Randle​09590
RegionBCA Representativeext.
​Greater Vancouver ​Keith MacLean-Talbot​09516
​Fraser Valley​Rupi Rai
Brent Sear

​Major Retail


Geoff Radke
Rajan Sandhu



BCA Representative


​Vancouver Island

​Kent Boag


​Greater Vancouver

​Clayton Olson


Fraser Valley

​Rav Punia
Darren Jerke


​Thompson Okanagan

​Boris Warkentin


​Kootenay Columbia

​Dave Robertson


​Northern BC

Kerry Gobbi



RegionBCA Representativeext.
Vancouver IslandLisa Pynn01239
Greater Vancouver Simone D'Souza09503
Fraser ValleyRupi Rai
Darren Jerke
Kootenay ColumbiaSean McGinnis21227
Northern BCAdam Belyea26237

Ports, Water Lots & Log Storage

CoordinatorBrian Smith15237
​​Region​​BCA Representativeext.
Vancouver IslandShari Jablonski04217
Greater VancouverSarah Lai09568
Fraser ValleyLacy Derkson 14273
Northern BCKerry Gobbi26236

Seniors Living

​Coordinator​Graham Held​23229
​RegionBCA Representative​ext.
​Vancouver Island​Kent Boag​01242
​Greater Vancouver​Arthi Narayan 15269
​Fraser Valley​Arthi Narayan ​15269
Thompson OkanaganDon Currie19278
Kootenay ColumbiaDave Robertson22240
Northern BCCalvin Hilde26273