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Take note of July 1st

Take note of July 1st

Take note of the real estate market in your area! July 1st marks the date BC Assessment estimates the annual market value of properties in B.C.

What similar properties in your neighbourhood are selling for close to July 1st is a great indicator of what your assessed value will be similar to when you receive your Property Assessment Notice in January, 2018.

Visit our e-valueBC site to check out sample sold properties in your neighbourhood.

To calculate your property’s value, BC Assessment’s professional appraisers analyze items like current sales in the local area, your property’s size, age, condition, view and location.
Using the single common date of July 1st ensures your property’s assessed value is fair, equitable and uniform compared to other properties in your community and across B.C.Property Assessment Notice in January, 2017.

How BC Assessment Assesses Properties

Learn how BC Assessment uses July 1st as the date for estimating the annual market value for your property in B.C.